South Park Slams Vape Culture And Vapor Joe

South Park Slams Vape Culture And Vapor Joe

MANY people still believe that vaping is just as bad for you as smoking ordinary cigarettes.

But it isn’t.
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However even Scott Gottlieb the director of the FDA stated that “If everyone quit smoking and started vaping that America would be a safer place.”

They also think that because you are inhaling nicotine in the vapor of e-cigarettes you are just as likely to get lung cancer as you would smoking tobacco.

But the study that the stories are based on, published in the journal PNAS, doesn’t show this. Nicotine is what makes cigarettes addictive, but isn’t what causes the damage from smoking.

How The South Park Tegridy Farms Episode Slams Vape Culture And Vapor Joe

Some people may have seen a recent episode of South Park titled “Tegridy Farms” Season 22 Episode 4. Where a so called “Vaping Epidemic” has taken over South Park Elementary and Vapor Joe was portrayed as selling vaporizers to children on the side of the street in a very shady fashion best portrayed as a drug deal. They also showed Cartman attacking Vapor Joe and leaving him to be arrested with a dead hooker to avoid paying him. Vape mods were also refered to as “pussy sticks”.

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The entirety of the show was a blantant attack on the “Tegridy” of the Vaping Industry.

In this Blog we will attempt to break down the flaws in information depicted by the show and debunk where possible.

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As the show starts Stan moves his family to a Colorado Cannabis farm out of frustration due in part to Shelly sending pictures of her “butthole” to the hall monitor to distract him so she could Vape.

How South Park Season 22 Episode 4 Tegridy Farms Went Up In Smoke

It has been known for a while now that some people who are anti-vaping look at vaping as a kind of drug. Questions arise about how they could smoke drugs in their vape.

However medical Marajuana is in fact legal in the state of Colorado, the fact that they are identifying it with vaping is still a blantant attack on the vaping industry.

Some companies have even gone so far as to come up with a “dry herb vaporizor” which has a heating element inside it to heat up said herbs to the point they are smoking but not burning. Then they smoke it much like they would a pipe.

It can not really be said these are for tobacco use only due to the nature of vaping being to keep people from smoking traditional tobacco. In a place such as Colorado however the act of smoking marajuana in a dry herb vaporizer would be completely legal as long as they had the proper papers and licenses ect.

Some time in the show passes and Kyle catches Ike in the playground with some other prechoolers vaping on what looks to be a JUUL.

South Park Episode Tegridy Farms Still Smoke’n

In real life it is believed that JUUL is the preferred vape of the children. Speculation is that because of the compact size and the ability to hide it contributes to this. It has been becoming a “fad” or as some people may call it an “epidemic”.

So the FDA has been investigating JUUL 

JUUL states that children vaping is NOT something they condone nor endorse.

ALSO, They make it a point to mention flavors as being a big attraction to these children naming off some of them in the episode. As previously linked this video also talks about flavorings and how they are important to adults and how critial they are to the vaping economy.

Then some more time passes.
And they find Butters who is playing the roll of what would be a “middleman” selling the vapes to the children. As he opens his trench coat exposing an assortment of vape flavors and vapes.

A little later a guy pulls up in a car at Tegridy Farms. It is the owner of Big Vape and wants to buy the farm so he can put Stan’s product in their vaporizers. Then pulls out a mod similar in looks to a JUUL. With the little charging contacts on the bottom bearing a strong resembalance to JUUL. Stan states he will does not want his Tegridy Bud to be put in those “pussy sticks”.

AGAIN an attack on the vaping industry as they chose to use the one company being investigated and associate a drug with it.

Going on record to state that Marajuana is not one of the ingredients in e-juice.

14 minutes 30 seconds in is when we see Vapor Joe’s portrayed figure appear. He buys 2 bags of vape items from Big Vape store.

South Park Tegridy Farms Episode Attempts To Kill Vaping With A Bang

A little more time passes and Sharon tells Stan that Kyle was sent home from school for vaping which he actually was not doing. It was Ike’s vape. Stan get outraged but not because Kyle had a vape as much so as Kyle had a “pussy stick”.
Poking fun at the common knowledge that some parents turn their backs while their kids vape and some even go so far as to support it. This is NOT a vape problem this is a PARENTING problem.
 photo 44585329_501560383694705_5289759477841526784_n.jpg

So at the end of the episode Stan goes into the Big Vape store and starts attacking people and goes to the back where the kids were stealing vape juice from big canisters that look to be under pressure. Then the entire vape shop explodes.

Poking fun at the fact that when vaping first started there was some uneducated people that put batteries in upside down or they put keys in their pockets with batteries and a few people got hurt.

Vape juice is not made in pressurizes drums and is not explosive.

DIY 101
Ejuice is made from Vegetable Glycerin

ALSO Propelyne Glycol
Long known ingredient in Asthma Nebulizers

Also Flavoring.
AND last but not least Nicotine.

I interviewed Vapor Joe recently. Joe states ” I’m honored and shocked I was choosen for the show episode however I do not share in South parks beliefs.” Vapor Joe did say “I believe they did use my likeness in the show, and there isn’t really a whole lot I could do about it. Other people have been in simular situations and sued South Park which South Park has always won due to freedom of speech.”  Joe also mentioned “This is a very fast moving industry and most people will have moved on in a week or two.”

My partner Chris Bell in the interview asked ” As being a Vaping celebrity knowing that people look at you as a role model how did it make you feel being portrayed in such a manner?”  Joe replied stating ” I really don’t care either way because that is not who I am as a person and many do know that.”

There are people who do not know Vapor Joe and this article will serve as a way for the truth to be known.  Joe himself did not know South Park was going to portray him in the episode.  Joe stated “I was sitting on the couch relaxing an hour before The Mod Envy Show when someone messaged my wife that I was being portrayed on South Park.

This episode however did upset many vapers within the vape community which was exactly what South Park wanted. Other’s found it to be funny. However as the author of this blog I did not find anything funny about the episode.

Chris Bell said ‘I like South Park some of it is funny, however this Tegridy Farms epidode was not and fell flat.”  Mr Bell further stated “It takes a-lot to offend me, but vaping is something that saves peoples lives by helping them to quit smoking, and it was a direct assult on Vaping Advocacy, and it shows the true heart of the people who made that show.”

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