About Us

Who is David Giudice The Cowboy Jedi?

 photo 12003885_10206850468595492_5120952961510436355_n.jpg
David Giudice is an author, freelance writer, and comedian . He has worked with a number of major blogs such as Pie 24/7, Empower Network, Success Affiliate Network, now currently with The Vaping Advocacy Network Show and blog.

If you’re looking for a blogger’s point of view with real-time updates and coverage, then we would love to hear from you.
Alternatively, we are looking to work with many different venders and businesses, which will not only go up on our website but on our popular YouTube channel too.
How can we work together?


Competitions and giveaways
Live social media coverage
Press trips
Social media consultancy
Twitter chats
Writing (blog and copywriting)

David has been blogging since 2002, he has been involved in the network marketing and internet marketing industry since 1995, and since then he created The Cowboy Jedi Blog in 2016. Mr Giudice has worked with companies such as Empower Network  in the United States, Success Affiliate Network in Canada and with Pie 24/7 based in Toronto Canada.
David now uses a Cochlear Implant and has the ability to hear yet he still reads lips during conversations. David is also fluent in ASL known as American Sign Language so he can interpet for the deaf on a limited bases. David is also an avid vaper known to be peering into empty e juice bottles and grunting like a bear, and playing warcraft.

Who Is Chris Bell Known as Nastywar?

I am Chris Bell aka Nastywar.
 photo 229202_10150185595347357_4203650_n.jpg
I have been vaping for roughly 10 years.
I started with something called the Janty Stick.
Then graduated to the Silver Bullet.

I have owned a Vending Machine business.
I have also been an Amway IBO for quite a few years.

I care deeply about the vaping community. I have been doing advocacy for a few years now. And I fight with or without the assistance of other advocacy groups to protect our right to vape.

I do reviews @ https://www.youtube.com/user/nastywar
If you are a distributor/vendor and are interested in having a product reviewed feel free to Contact me
I take pride in giving honest reviews.

Please Note:
I will NOT review products if you are NOT FDA compliant or if you have anything appealing to children that is connected to vaping.

I will also NOT accept a product if it comes with a contingency that I have to give it a good review.
If the product is good I will give a good review.
My reviews are and will forever be honest.

Please feel free to visit the affiliate links on the homepage. The proceeds will go towards making this blog better and to vape advocacy.

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