Sanctuary Network

The Sanctuary is a group of dedicated vapers. We are here to to help Advocate, Educate, fellow vapers. We also dedicate our time. In getting sponsored products in vapers hands. Please feel free to ask us anything. If we can’t answer your question/s. We will do our best to find someone who can.

This page was started to post things related to our Sanctuary Network vaping shows. Our show times, special guest we will be having on. We encourage the members to post anything vape related. Most importantly, anything with advocacy. We love to hear about your vaping journey. Please feel free to post pics of the wins from our sponsors on our facebook group. We do have another group dedicated just for our sponsors. 

We will also be posting any deals, sales, and codes from our sponsors in our facebook group. We are also here to help with any questions about vaping safety. We have a lot of resources at our disposal to help out with. We also have a dedicated show for advocacy. That is the most important thing next to safety. We welcome one and all.

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Tuesday: Return of the Jedi @ 8 pm est.

Wednesday: Bad Company @ 8 pm est.

Thursday: Unplugged @ 8 pm est.

Saturday: Nastywar’s Vape Lair @ 8 pm est.